Going/Steady is a new podcast co-hosted by Kerri Provost and Johnna Kaplan. It’s an  inquisitive, opinionated, and occasionally rambling look at life in Connecticut, exploring the Northeast, and the highs, lows, and details of travel in general.


Kerri Ana Provost — creator of Real Hartford and various zines — is a writer, photographer, instructor, and wanderer. She is rooted in Connecticut and can see the State Capitol from her home. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.



Johnna Kaplan has written about travel, among other topics, for over ten years. In 2009, she started The Size of Connecticut, which focuses on local destinations off the beaten path. She is most at home on the road, but she currently lives in New London. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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(Photo of Johnna: Alonda Baird-Juhasz)