Going/Steady Ep. 25 (Part 1): Less Fat Shaming, More Fat Biking

While Johnna was buried under an avalanche of work, Kerri chatted with Joseph Dickerson, creator of Inspired Adventurist and CORA board member, about how we can make exploring the outdoors more accessible by applying anti-racist and anti-misogynst principles and practices.

Listen to learn about ice climbing in Connecticut, getting stranded in Vietnam, and bikepacking along the Farmington River. Come for the fat biking, stay for the history lesson on the Buffalo Soldiers. 

Our conversation is split into two episodes for your listening convenience.

Going/Steady Ep. 24: Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All (Clearly We Don’t)

In which we discuss:

  • Isolation
  • Not Traveling
  • Storms
  • Holidays
  • Instagram (of course)

This episode is a little message for the end of the year – or rather, two little messages, recorded separately, because 2020 may be ending but Covid is still going strong. First, Kerri discusses traditions, not traveling, Covid restrictions, and transportation. Then, Johnna rambles about New England weather, not traveling, the passage of time, and…dreams about transportation.

Note: This podcast may contain occasional curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

Going/Steady Ep. 23: The Quarantine Diaries

In which we discuss:

  • The adventure muscles we’re losing in the #staysafestayhome era.
  • What historic cemeteries can teach us in this morbid moment.


It’s another mini-episode, pandemic style – with a twist. We’re not Zooming this time, but sharing with you some thoughts, individually recorded, on what we’ve been doing recently. Johnna’s in a closet in New London, talking about traveling, hiking, and fear. Kerri’s in a Hartford neighborhood full of partying children – don’t worry, you can’t hear them – talking about wandering in Connecticut’s burial places. 

Links & Further Info:

The article where Kerri’s Elvis quote came from.

Kerri’s graveyard tips: 

  • Before you go, look at the cemetery website, if they have one. They may have a map showing who is in which section, or if there are self-guided tours. When we are done with this pandemic, there may be group tours or other events.  
  •  Look at Find a Grave which can tell you which notables may be buried in the graveyard you wish to visit. You can also use the “Famous” tab to find where well-known people — and animals — are buried, searching by their claim to fame. 
  • Bring water and snacks. Not all will have bathroom facilities. Plan accordingly. 
  • Avoid leaning on stones. They fall over easier than you might think. Watch where you step — groundhog holes and smaller stones can be tripping hazards. 
  • Note the section you are in, if possible, so if you have a medical situation or anything else happens, you can be descriptive when making that call. This becomes more important when in larger cemeteries where “by the angel” will not work as a landmark.

A few of Kerri’s favorite cemeteries: 

  • Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, CT) 
  • Spring Grove Cemetery (Hartford, CT) 
  • Temple Beth Torah Memorial Park (Wethersfield, CT) 
  • Shantok Burial Ground (Uncasville, CT) 
  • Ye Antientist Burial Ground (New London,CT) 
  • South Cemetery (Tolland, CT) 
  • Warwick Poor Farm Cemetery (Warwick, RI) 
  • Provincetown Cemetery (Provincetown, MA)


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


Going/Steady Ep. 22: Pandemic-Style Travel

In which we discuss:

  • Masks, and lack of masks.
  • Public restrooms, and other travel dilemmas. 
  • Outdoor tips for beginners.


Since our last mini episode, time has flown by…or has it stood still? In this episode, we’re still Going Nowhere, so we talk about what we’re seeing around the state in July 2020 as far as mask-wearing and space-creating goes. The pandemic has caused or amplified some issues with even local travel. (Who could have predicted rest stop bathrooms would become so terrifying?) We have advice for managing that. Many people have picked up new hobbies during the shutdown, including spending time outdoors. We have tips for newbies who might still have the “aah outdoors is scary!” mentality. 

Please excuse the uneven audio quality in this episode; we promise Johnna is not recording from inside a running faucet, it’s just Zoom.


Example of a water company map

Example of a GIS map.

Kerri’s visit to the place that required bushwacking.

CT State Parks & Forests

Land trusts in Connecticut.

Connecticut Coastal Access Guide

Connecticut Greenways

CT Audubon.

Johnna’s visit to the Florence Griswold Museum grounds.


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco