Going/Steady Ep. 23: The Quarantine Diaries

In which we discuss:

  • The adventure muscles we’re losing in the #staysafestayhome era.
  • What historic cemeteries can teach us in this morbid moment.


It’s another mini-episode, pandemic style – with a twist. We’re not Zooming this time, but sharing with you some thoughts, individually recorded, on what we’ve been doing recently. Johnna’s in a closet in New London, talking about traveling, hiking, and fear. Kerri’s in a Hartford neighborhood full of partying children – don’t worry, you can’t hear them – talking about wandering in Connecticut’s burial places. 

Links & Further Info:

The article where Kerri’s Elvis quote came from.

Kerri’s graveyard tips: 

  • Before you go, look at the cemetery website, if they have one. They may have a map showing who is in which section, or if there are self-guided tours. When we are done with this pandemic, there may be group tours or other events.  
  •  Look at Find a Grave which can tell you which notables may be buried in the graveyard you wish to visit. You can also use the “Famous” tab to find where well-known people — and animals — are buried, searching by their claim to fame. 
  • Bring water and snacks. Not all will have bathroom facilities. Plan accordingly. 
  • Avoid leaning on stones. They fall over easier than you might think. Watch where you step — groundhog holes and smaller stones can be tripping hazards. 
  • Note the section you are in, if possible, so if you have a medical situation or anything else happens, you can be descriptive when making that call. This becomes more important when in larger cemeteries where “by the angel” will not work as a landmark.

A few of Kerri’s favorite cemeteries: 

  • Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, CT) 
  • Spring Grove Cemetery (Hartford, CT) 
  • Temple Beth Torah Memorial Park (Wethersfield, CT) 
  • Shantok Burial Ground (Uncasville, CT) 
  • Ye Antientist Burial Ground (New London,CT) 
  • South Cemetery (Tolland, CT) 
  • Warwick Poor Farm Cemetery (Warwick, RI) 
  • Provincetown Cemetery (Provincetown, MA)


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


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