Episode 1: “Haters Gonna Hate on Connecticut in the Bleak Not-Yet-Winter”

In which we discuss:

  • What’s with all those “Connecticut sucks” stories?
  • What to do in New England in winter?
  • Which U.S. states have we not been to yet?


In this first episode, Johnna and Kerri talk about the trend of writing Dear John letters to Connecticut. They also explore what to do in New England after it stops being PSL season. Listen to the last segment to learn what they have not seen in the United States . . . yet.

Special Moments and Details

At 00:25 you can hear Kerri introduce herself for what is apparently her first time ever. She promises to do better next time. There was indecision about Rhode Island’s state flag at 3:50, but it is confirmed to sport an anchor and the word “Hope”. At 4:30 we wonder, what even is nutmeg? Why hasn’t Connecticut gone all in on it? At 5:25 we wonder where in Connecticut we can get branded stuff; Hartford Prints! and the Barnes & Noble in downtown Hartford are two places that came to mind. In this segment we sure had a lot to say about lighters. This is not an endorsement of smoking. For those curious about the giant puppet event we hardly did justice to: Night Fall.

In our regional segment at 21:00 we talked about SAD, building up our expectations about holidays to the point that these dreams can only come crashing down, and the hygge trend. As for things to do in New England, Winterfest and Old Mill Pond Village Shops came to mind.

Finally, we talked wanderlust, or not, when it comes to the United States. Kerri mentioned the Bigfoot Discovery Museum and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The California destination Johnna couldn’t recall the name of was Pinnacles National Park. At 55:15 there was an allusion to something Johnna had recently published about New Mexico — read about it on This Land, This Year.


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

One thought on “Episode 1: “Haters Gonna Hate on Connecticut in the Bleak Not-Yet-Winter”

  1. furbirdsqueerly says:

    A big welcome to Going Steady. What a fun conversation. Of course, being a traveler myself I loved the What states have you been to? Back in 1970 I traveled through Kansas and had an art awaking, all that flat white in the winter time. Lately I have traveled to all of the New England cities where I may want to live to check out the public transportation systems. Travel talk reminded me of the old song, The Delaware Song, Oh what did Delaware boys oh what did Delaware, She wore a brand New Jersey. 15 states made their entrance into the song. Loved the part about your tags showing and the cold. I love walking in the cold and may go more places such as the deep woods when it is cold out, no ticks, deerflies or other bothersome creatures, just must be careful of hungry wolfs. Anyway, it’s been so cold there maybe a mass-achoo-setts. Looking forward to more podcasts. Check out the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=61&v=NztfOSyCCFM


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