Going/Steady, Ep. 5: The Bad Decisions Episode – A Little Worried about Turtles (w/ special guest, Tony Cherolis)

In which we discuss:

What is a bad decision? If there are no consequences, was it a bad decision after all? And, if you recognize you are making one, do you reassess or double down?



In this episode, Johnna, Kerri, and special guest Tony talk about the questionable places we have lived, our philosophies on trespassing, and how moments of poor judgment inform our future adventures.

Special Moments

Johnna wrote about Seaside Sanitorium and we chat about that, forgetting to mention that it’s haunted.

We also discuss the Connecticut geotag on Instagram (below), along with how trespassing is connected with privilege.


Kerri refers to a near-altercation. You can read about that here. Kerri also talks about an episode in which she was not trespassing in Willimantic, but has realized that the very last part of that story does, in fact, involve trespassing. But that happened several decades ago, so let’s leave it alone.

To learn more about how the Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world, check out this website.

After recording, we did confirm that an episode of The Office explored the problem with GPS.

In the episode, Johnna mentions the time Kerri got crop-dusted in a tobacco field. We recorded this segment, but then cut it. In short, Kerri thought it would be a good idea to wander around, barefoot, in a tobacco field in Connecticut.

Here’s the essay Kerri wrote about being a latchkey kid and here’s the one about railroad safety and another about fear.

While talking about bicycle touring, Tony shouted out Warm Showers. This is a free way for cyclists to get shelter and a shower while touring.

Finally, it was as if the Twitterverse was listening:



Tony Cherolis used to be an engineer, but always will be an engineer.  Currently, he is working at the Center for Latino Progress as the Transport Hartford Coordinator.  Transport Hartford works on mobility, jobs access, education, and community organizing around multimodal transportation, transit, rail, biking, and walking.  Between projects, Tony likes to go on silly adventures, cross country bike tours, and generally makes bad / different decisions. You are likely to find him around Hartford on foot or a bike, and sometimes sleeping in local parks. [photo credit: Chion Wolf]

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

Going/Steady Ep. 4: Send Me a Postcard — the Imitated and Overrated

In which we discuss:

  • What good ideas should CT steal from other states?
  • Which regional travel experiences are overrated?
  • How do we shop for souvenirs?


If imitation is the greatest compliment, what ideas should Connecticut steal from other states? What stands in the way of us adopting and adapting practices and events that are at once genius and totally ordinary? In this episode, Johnna and Kerri also explore popular New England travel destinations and experiences that are maybe just a touch overrated, even if sometimes, legitimately good. Learn what makes Johnna “irrationally angry.” Finally — if nobody brings home souvenirs, did a trip even happen?

Special Moments

In the first segment, we talk about the Atlantic Antic and Smorgasburg, both of which have since been confirmed to still exist. You can determine for yourself if MulchFest is anywhere near as potentially exciting as Kerri thinks. For more information about WaterFire and Fur Rondy, visit their websites. Johnna mentions The 203.

In the second segment (15:15), Johnna refers to the New Maine News. We discuss the Big E. We also mention Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, the Woodstock Fair, and the Durham Fair. Sidenote: occasionally Kerri says “leafs” instead of “leaves”; this is a residual habit from when she would talk to her dog about jumping in the leafs — oops.

The last segment (32:45) makes mention of spoon collecting, which has a history.

Note: podcast contains occasional, relatively lightweight curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


Going/Steady Ep. 3: How Quaint! Regional Surprises and Travel Plans

In which we discuss:

  • Connecticut’s quaintness, real and imagined.
  • Regional destinations that surprised us, pleasantly or otherwise.
  • When prepping for a trip, do we prefer planning it all out or leaving everything to chance?



What Connecticut features qualify as quaint? Johnna and Kerri talk about happy surprises and a few disappointments in regional travel. Is it better to travel based on an itinerary or on whichever way the wind blows?

Special Moments and Details

CTMQ has published a piece on the fairy houses that gets mentioned at 4:45. Kerri has written a bit about the slang [8:30] that needs to stop in 2018.

We start our chat about regional surprises at 15:00. Learn more about historic, and possibly quaint, Benefit Street [18:50] on the Rhode Island tourism site. Johnna was not wrong about Burlington being the most populous city in Vermont [26:25]. The New Haven rant [27:00]  inspired an idea for a dating app. And if you’re wondering, here’s some background on why New Haven can claim to be “America’s first planned town” [30:00]. Wild Bill’s Nostalgia [32:15] is hard to describe, so peek at their website for a better idea. The Connecticut Old State House & Museum of Curiosities, and its famous two-headed calf, get a mention [39:25]. Kerri was ultra wrong about the length of the ice jam that the Coast Guard had to deal with back in January [41:40].

Our conversation about planning begins at 43:10, and meanders into a slightly off-topic look at such topics as Valentine’s Day dinners and Edible Arrangements.

Note: podcast contains occasional, relatively lightweight curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


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