Going/Steady, Ep. 9: Qui Transtulit Sustinet

In which we discuss:

  • Our experiences on the Connecticut Wine Trail.
  • The joys of living in CT in the fall.
  • Some fun, questionable, and slightly terrifying ferry rides in the region.
  • How technology affects travel, for good and for ill.



Kerri and Johnna are back after an unplanned summer vacation from Going/Steady, and we start this episode off talking about local wineries and vineyards. (Are they the same thing? Who knows.) We also talk fall activities in the Nutmeg State, getting around in the Northeast by ferry, and how technology and social media have changed what’s it’s like to travel now.

Special Moments

Before recording this episode, we took a little field trip to Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington. We also talk about Hopkins Vineyard in Warren, Lost Acres Vineyard in Granby, Holmberg Orchards in Gales Ferry, and Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford. For information about the Wine Trail and links to individual wineries, visit the website of the CT Wine Trail. We also talked about the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and the Geological Society of Connecticut.

If you’re interested in the autumnal activities we mentioned, check out Night Fall and the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford. Also check out the Connecticut Office of Tourism event calendar, as well as their list of Connecticut country fairs. For a good foliage walk, try Windsor Locks Canal Trail State Park, the Farmington Canal Trail, or the West Hartford Reservoirs.

If you’re intrigued by the history of Connecticut River ferries, read about them at the Connecticut Department of Transportation website.

We might seem a little obsessed with Instagram in our last segment. That’s because we’re on it a lot. Follow Johnna @johnnakaplan and @oldschoolct, and Kerri @realhartford and @kerrianaprovost.


Note: This podcast contains occasional, relatively lightweight curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


2 thoughts on “Going/Steady, Ep. 9: Qui Transtulit Sustinet

  1. Quabbin says:

    Enjoyed very much as always except this time Kerri sounded like she was locked in the trunk. Hope you can get together for episode 10.


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