Going/Steady Ep. 10: Connecticut Art, New England Travel, and Workcation

In which we discuss:

  • Ways to see art in Connecticut.
  • Why tourists come to New England, and what they’re encouraged to see.
  • How to actually get work done while traveling.



This month, Johnna and Kerri talk about various ways to get some art into your life in the Nutmeg State, from mural walks to open studios to the obvious: museums. Also, how do guidebooks and tourism websites rank New England places and activities? (Hint: it’s all about Boston and lobster, and we rant about that.) Plus, the digital nomad life looks glamorous, but often it’s not; we’ve accumulated some practical ways to get your work done when you’re on the road.

Special Moments

First, an audio warning: in this episode, Johnna says “like” a lot and has a scratchy voice, while Kerri sounds like she’s very far away – maybe she’s channeling some exciting travel experience? And there are wind chimes.

We recommend some top towns for mural-spotting (it’s the leaf-peeping of the other seasons, OK?) Places mentioned: Pawcatuck/Westerly, New London, and Willimantic. Plus, a mysterious mural project in Winsted and how to find New Deal murals. We also mention the Connecticut Art Trail and plug the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich and the New Britain Museum of American Art. There are too many open studios events to link to them all here, but to find one near you, search online for “Connecticut open studios.”

The websites Kerri read were Visit New England (that’s the one with the marijuana reference) and Discover New England. We also talk about the New England highlights of four guidebooks. If you still want to buy one of them after this discussion, Johnna’s snarky reviews of them contain links to the books: Fodor’s; Insight Guides; Rough Guide; Lonely Planet.

We also talk about Autumnwatch New England on PBS.

Note: This podcast may contain occasional, relatively lightweight curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


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