Going/Steady Ep. 4: Send Me a Postcard — the Imitated and Overrated

In which we discuss:

  • What good ideas should CT steal from other states?
  • Which regional travel experiences are overrated?
  • How do we shop for souvenirs?


If imitation is the greatest compliment, what ideas should Connecticut steal from other states? What stands in the way of us adopting and adapting practices and events that are at once genius and totally ordinary? In this episode, Johnna and Kerri also explore popular New England travel destinations and experiences that are maybe just a touch overrated, even if sometimes, legitimately good. Learn what makes Johnna “irrationally angry.” Finally — if nobody brings home souvenirs, did a trip even happen?

Special Moments

In the first segment, we talk about the Atlantic Antic and Smorgasburg, both of which have since been confirmed to still exist. You can determine for yourself if MulchFest is anywhere near as potentially exciting as Kerri thinks. For more information about WaterFire and Fur Rondy, visit their websites. Johnna mentions The 203.

In the second segment (15:15), Johnna refers to the New Maine News. We discuss the Big E. We also mention Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, the Woodstock Fair, and the Durham Fair. Sidenote: occasionally Kerri says “leafs” instead of “leaves”; this is a residual habit from when she would talk to her dog about jumping in the leafs — oops.

The last segment (32:45) makes mention of spoon collecting, which has a history.

Note: podcast contains occasional, relatively lightweight curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco


One thought on “Going/Steady Ep. 4: Send Me a Postcard — the Imitated and Overrated

  1. Dana Taplin (@DanaTaplin) says:

    Such an enjoyable discussion!
    I’d put Salem and Newburyport into the same category as Portsmouth, NH as small cities with intact antebellum built environments on the water. Salem has the witch thing going for sure but to me is just as pleasant to wander as Portsmouth. Newburyport too— all have lots of charm and something of a scene to enjoy. New London should be in the same category but for racism and urban renewal.

    One thing Boston pioneered in the late 70s that caught on for awhile in many other places, including Hartford and New Haven (I think), was the New Years event First Night. it was terrific in Boston. Faded now.

    You’re so right about the leaf peeping. A few years ago I drove with dad and family from the New Hampshire lakes down through Peterborough and Jeffrey and along the Daniel Shays highway past Quabbin Reservoir and into Amherst and over the ‘notch’ to South Hadley to drop off dad. The vaunted October colors were best—where? Not in NH but along the Quabbin and in the back roads of Amherst—i.e., the color happens everywhere and may be best in familiar terrain full of pleasant associations.


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