Going/Steady, Ep. 5: The Bad Decisions Episode – A Little Worried about Turtles (w/ special guest, Tony Cherolis)

In which we discuss:

What is a bad decision? If there are no consequences, was it a bad decision after all? And, if you recognize you are making one, do you reassess or double down?



In this episode, Johnna, Kerri, and special guest Tony talk about the questionable places we have lived, our philosophies on trespassing, and how moments of poor judgment inform our future adventures.

Special Moments

Johnna wrote about Seaside Sanitorium and we chat about that, forgetting to mention that it’s haunted.

We also discuss the Connecticut geotag on Instagram (below), along with how trespassing is connected with privilege.


Kerri refers to a near-altercation. You can read about that here. Kerri also talks about an episode in which she was not trespassing in Willimantic, but has realized that the very last part of that story does, in fact, involve trespassing. But that happened several decades ago, so let’s leave it alone.

To learn more about how the Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world, check out this website.

After recording, we did confirm that an episode of The Office explored the problem with GPS.

In the episode, Johnna mentions the time Kerri got crop-dusted in a tobacco field. We recorded this segment, but then cut it. In short, Kerri thought it would be a good idea to wander around, barefoot, in a tobacco field in Connecticut.

Here’s the essay Kerri wrote about being a latchkey kid and here’s the one about railroad safety and another about fear.

While talking about bicycle touring, Tony shouted out Warm Showers. This is a free way for cyclists to get shelter and a shower while touring.

Finally, it was as if the Twitterverse was listening:



Tony Cherolis used to be an engineer, but always will be an engineer.  Currently, he is working at the Center for Latino Progress as the Transport Hartford Coordinator.  Transport Hartford works on mobility, jobs access, education, and community organizing around multimodal transportation, transit, rail, biking, and walking.  Between projects, Tony likes to go on silly adventures, cross country bike tours, and generally makes bad / different decisions. You are likely to find him around Hartford on foot or a bike, and sometimes sleeping in local parks. [photo credit: Chion Wolf]

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

2 thoughts on “Going/Steady, Ep. 5: The Bad Decisions Episode – A Little Worried about Turtles (w/ special guest, Tony Cherolis)

  1. Herb says:

    Why people get hit by trains, even though trains are loud: a moving train is a dipole line source, which is a fancy way of saying they produce most of their noise to the sides and very little to the front and back. Trains can be surprisingly quiet when you’re directly in front of them, especially if you’re distracted or there is background noise (from wind in trees, or a nearby roadway for example) that can mask the train noise. Active train tracks are not good places to be.


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