Fort Trumbull and New London History | Going/Steady & Grating the Nutmeg Crossover Episode


We’re doing something a little different this time: a crossover episode with Grating the Nutmeg, the podcast of Connecticut Explored.

Instead of our usual format, we’re giving you a segment we recorded for Grating the Nutmeg. In it, Kerri puts on her interviewing hat (it’s a metaphorical hat, but it’s really nice) and asks Johnna about the past and present of New London’s Fort Trumbull, the topic of an article Johnna wrote for the Spring 2019 issue of Connecticut Explored.

We’ve also added a bonus segment for Going/Steady listeners, with more New London travel inspiration for anyone who loves history and/or exploring the shoreline. In it, we talk about what to see, where to eat, and why you just can’t get away from Benedict Arnold around here.

Resources mentioned in this episode include the Thames River Heritage Park and New London Main Street.


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

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