Going/Steady Ep. 16: Exploring Doors and More (With Special Guest Deb Cohen)

In which we discuss:

  • Colorful front doors and other Connecticut attractions.
  • Local and regional exploration habits, and how what we personally enjoy doing is sometimes different than what we share with others.
  • How your travel “type” (solo, family, group, younger, older, etc.) subtly influences what you enjoy.



We’re back, and we have a guest! Deb Cohen of the Front Door Project joins Kerri and Johnna to talk about the Connecticut Barns Trail and how her Instagram account featuring homes in her West Hartford neighborhood became a blog and a community. Plus, Deb’s take on those people who whine about living in the Nutmeg State. Next, we discuss how sometimes the things we love to do locally – like wander in historic districts or find old chimneys in the woods – aren’t always the places we share with visitors. Finally, we ponder how our preferred travel activities can change depending on where we are in life and who we’re with. Topics include going to vineyards alone, going on vacation with kids, and not going to the aquarium when it’s filled with children.


Read Deb’s post about the Connecticut Barns Trail.

Find Deb at her blog, The Front Door Project, as well as her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Listen to our previous episode on solo travel and travel fears.


Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco

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