Going/Steady Ep. 17: Sea Unicorns, Winter Camping, and Other Improbable Things

In which we discuss:

  • Connecticut wildlife encounters
  • Winter camping in New England
  • Our travel and transportation annoyances, rants, and pet peeves


This month, we’re talking about wildlife: specifically, our encounters with wildlife in Connecticut, be they sad, scary, or amusing. We’ve got coyotes, possums (!), bees, deer, and more. (So much more that Kerri forgot to mention the time an emu crossed her path in Tolland, and Johnna forgot to mention the time she was bitten by red ants on her own sidewalk.) We also discuss winter camping in our region. Johnna thinks it would likely kill her; Kerri think it may be “the anti-Hygge” but does it anyway, and she shares her tips. Finally, we kvetch about travel peeves, from planes, trains, and automobiles to perplexing signage. And we get a little off-topic, of course!


During our first segment, we mention:

Deer whistles.

A possum (possum? opossum?) encounter in Southbury.

Kevin, the Wethersfield Turkey and (his fan club on Facebook.)

The escaped donkey in Waterford.

Why the Connecticut College mascot is a camel.

The new Norwich Sea Unicorns.

In our second segment, Kerri mentions her Thanksgiving camping adventure. Lest you think she was glamping, here’s photographic proof she was not:


In our last segment, we mention:

The recent truck on the tracks incident in New London.

The car on the Parade Plaza incident in New London seems to have escaped the Internet, but here’s a moving truck that also caused some drama there.



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