Going/Steady Ep. 18: Imperfect Postcards From New England: Winter and Awkwardness

In which we discuss:

  • Winter activities, and lists thereof
  • New England seasonal travel habits, Instagram vs. Reality
  • Learning languages, and a bunch of Jewish stuff
  • The NYT’s new 52 Places list, and more Jewish stuff


In our first episode of 2020, we talk about what to do in winter in New England, and how the local winter reality does not always square with the popular romantic image of snow-covered mountains and cozy inns. We also discuss cultural differences: how they make New England great and how they can make daily life awkward on occasion. We also talk about learning languages. Then we get into the new New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2020 list: do we want to visit these trendy spots? Why or why not? Plus, bonus ramble on current events and traveling while Jewish.

This is a somewhat strange episode; we wander off-topic whenever possible, and, oh yeah, we recorded it in a car. Also, Johnna says “like” approximately eleventy-billion times, and Kerri asks that important Hartford question, “Is the incinerator running?”


In this episode, we mention:

CT Visit’s list of winter attractions.

The Size of Connecticut posts about what to do in winter in CT, where to shop for home goods, and visiting Philadelphia.

Real Hartford posts about First Day Hikes and alternatives.

Johnna on what to do in winter with kids on Star 99.9.

The Connecticut origins of Lender’s Bagels.

The NYT’s 52 Places to Go in 2020.


Note: This podcast may contain occasional curse-words. Use the earbuds at work or around the kiddos.

Music: “Below the Waves” by Keshco




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